Company Overview

‘STS’ stands for ‘SECRET TO SUCCESS’ and STS IT believes ‘there is no shortcut to success’. No matter what your educational background is, we can offer you the most advanced courses conducted by our experienced and professional trainers.

Professional success is much more difficult in this 21st Century without the knowledge of Information Technology & the English Language. Our main goal is to build skilled professional resources & eliminate the unemployment problem of Bangladesh.

Our Lab and training rooms have been equipped with world-class technology so that you have the best culture, learning environment & outstanding training. STS IT creates skilled resources who turn out to be successful marketers, freelancers and build their careers in various national or international companies and online marketplaces.

We dedicatedly provide flexible world-class training options such as online or in-person training, freelancing (online marketplaces), 24/7 support, lifetime post-training support, job placements and many more. We never compromise our standard or quality of excellence which are visible on Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews.


Our mission is to deliver skills and knowledge with exceptional standards through our ‘high quality professional trainers’ who are constantly evolving course materials, training methods so that you receive the best training and be a top-class skilled resource working and earning in national or international marketplaces.

Build a workforce throughout the nation that takes pride & strong partnership internationally throughout our quality service.

Continuous improvement  – Information Technology is changing every day. As an IT Institute, we embrace changes with passion so that our trainees receive upgraded skills

Leadership – ‘Be Your Own Boss’ – throughout our training, we foster leadership so that our trainees independently can work anywhere in the world with any company or online marketplace.

Innovation: We optimize our training services and grow our people by fostering experimenting and iterating on ideas.

Quality: We achieve our goals without compromising on quality. We reinvent ourselves to stay on top of our game and ensure we deliver with quality on time…every time.

Integrity – Integrity is what we maintain in all our day-to-day activities. It keeps us in the right direction in achieving the ultimate goal.

Why choose STS IT?

We are all experienced and professional trainers who had worked/ have been working in the industry for decades.

Success of our trainees/students is our number 1. priority.

We take responsibility for our students to place them in the job market (online/offline) after completion of our technical courses.

We are the only institute, provide ‘industrial training or internship’ to learn the real job after successful completion of our technical courses. 

We are aligned with the Government’s vision to help our country’s economy and create employment opportunities.

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